Think in Color

Four textless books full of bold colors, stylized shapes and imagination.
A graphic journey that plays with natural forms to stimulate and surprise the viewer. Animals appear, become abstract, and finally transform into new and unexpected creatures. Each page can be looked at
as a unique picture or become part of a story, a puzzle…

Meet the Animals

An innovative series introducing young readers to the world of nature. In each double spread of these colorful books, an animal present itself to the child in a way that is both playful and educational. Lively and accurate illustrations portray the animals up close, and they talk about themselves and their habits in the captivating rhyming text, ending with an invitation to interact. Each book is dedicated to a different environment.

Learn with Animals

In this beautifully illustrated series, animals introduce early-curriculum concepts to young learners. Minimal text combines with bold, eye-catching art to present colors, shapes, numbers, and opposites in a simple yet captivating way.
Sebastiano Ranchetti uses the appeal of nature to make children think, with the help of colorful cats and elephants, crabs and mice…
Venerdì di Repubblica
Illustrations far from conventional banality… a new way to invite children to understand the relationship between images and shapes.
La Stampa – Tuttolibri


The Animal Rainbow – The Owl Tree

The Animal Rainbow celebrates the beauty and diversity of nature in a bestiary enjoyable by people of every age. Young children will learn the names of the colors and the animals, while adults can feast their eyes on the vivid and elegant illustrations.

The story of a tree full of life A journey, a path, a transformation. A wordless story about natural and inner worlds.

Ranchetti has always found his primary source of inspiration in the animal world, revisited and modernized through color and computer graphics. His style can be labelled psychedelic, but is also remindful of Bruno Munari’s lesson… the final interpretation is left to the reader: one of the most entertaining games suggested by Ranchetti’s wordless and beautifully illustrated books.
Stefano Bucci, Il Corriere della Sera


Unpublished Books

Animal friends from the five continents meet up for a special occasion.
A magical night journey in a world full of surprises.
Mother penguin tells a story about her incredible adventures in a dream